Δ I’m addicted to: Television shows, Candy [big weakness] and Exploring my new city [DC].
Δ When I wake up I: Check my email, make my bed & then coffee.
Δ I’m obsessed with: Shopping (home décor, clothes, shoes, electronics, you name it).
Δ My best friends are: Across country from me, & My main squeeze.
Δ Makes you laugh when: I play Cards Against Humanity
Δ Fav Color: Greens and Purples.
Δ Fav Activity: Exploring/Traveling/Experiencing anything NEW!
Δ Fav Food: Recent new discovery... spicy tuna sushi roll.
Δ I want to travel to: New Zealand, Ireland, Italy.
Δ Biggest Fear: Bugs & Kidnappers.
Δ Fav thing about my man: One of the hardest workers I know and his huge heart!
Δ Fav movie: Probably will always be Sixteen Candles, damn you Jake Ryan.
Δ Hair Color: Brunette//never blonde.
Δ Beach or snow: Beach & Snow.
Δ Fav music: I’m all over the place with my music. Always depends on my mood.
Δ Worst Habit: Being a perfectionist.
Δ Cocktail of choice: Vodka, soda water, lime and mint.
Δ WTF is in your purse: I can’t handle the huge heavy bags so I like to keep it simple. Credit card wallet, Aveda lip saver, phone, exciting lip color and USB…you never know?

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